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"Providing a secure future for the most important people in your life."

Personal insurance for you & your family

If you have a family, thinking about having a family, have a house or a job, you need to think about life insurance. Don’t leave it too late, the earlier the better!

Trauma cover is a great financial risk product that can be very beneficial. We can advise you if it is necessary and if so how much cover you would need for you circumstances

Total & Permanent Disability, TPD, as it is sometimes known, is a work-dependent benefit. This means that it pays if you are never able to work again. That is the permanent part. But – there is a ‘but’, it may not be entirely that permanent. Confused? Get in touch and I’ll explain.

What would happen if you suddenly couldn’t work? Income gone, mortgage needs paying, bills need paying etc.

How would you keep afloat? There are many options available to suit your needs

If you are concerned about the public health system, more importantly, if you are concerned if they can’t meet your family’s needs when they need it, you need health insurance.

If you want the best cancer treatment available in New Zealand, you need private health cover. If you have seen your friends or extended family wait for months, just to get to the next appointment in the treatment process, while they suffer more and get worse, you need medical insurance.

To get the best cover for non-PHARMAC drugs (not just for cancer), so that you improve your chance of survival, you need health insurance.

Additional Services

We hear a lot in media sources about high fees for KiwiSaver. We also hear how people are not getting enough advice about financial products like KiwiSaver. Who is correct?

What do you pay for?

What are the fees, what do you get and where is the value?

Managed fund investments are where investors’ money is ‘pooled’ together and managed by investment experts.

Whether you just want to manage your dosh better or have an idea of how you want to grow your wealth, we have an online course to suit you. Click here for more info

What would happen if you suddenly couldn’t work? You are your business, could your business continue to run without you? Income gone, staff need paying, bills need paying etc.

How would you keep afloat? There are many options available to suit your needs

If you have kids, mortgage, any assets, you need a will!

Employee & Workplace services

We can run a workshop for you and your employees to help you manage your money better.

Whether you just want your staff to manage their money better or have an idea of how you want to grow their wealth, we have an online course to suit you. Click here for more info

As an employer you have a responsibility to make sure your staff are getting good Kiwisaver schemes. We can help you with in-depth knowledge of what is available.

A subsidised scheme is when the employer fully subsidises an insurance plan, this is a great benefit to both the employee and employer.

Much the same as above, however the contributions are spread between the employee and employer and can be for risk products too, (i.e. life,trauma,IP…) 

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As you can imagine, there are a range of options and solutions available to you. It is our job to find the best one, the one that fits your situation and your budget. We use an independent quoting and research platform to assist us for your perfect solution.

Love the idea

Once we show you your personal protection plan, you’ll love what we’ve done. It is natural that you will have some questions, there may even be some changes. The result is a risk management plan the suits you and your loved ones.

Make your plan reality

We will guide you through the application process, making it as painless as possible. On your behalf, we talk directly to the underwriters to ensure that your new insurance policy is issued swiftly.

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