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Disability Cover
Dom Bish

9 Things You Should Know: Mortgage Repayment Cover

Mortgage protection insurance, is in a suite of products that you might hear referred to as income replacement, or disability insurance products. They will pay the benefit to the effected person on a monthly basis, until that person goes back to work, or the benefit period ends.

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Basics of Personal Insurance
Disability Cover
Dom Bish

The Basics of Personal Insurance

This information article is aimed at helping anyone gain a basic understanding of insurance. Bolster Risk Management deals in ‘personal insurance’. This means, anything that effects the body (such as health, accident and death).
There are other types of insurance, such as boat, car and house insurance. These are typically known, rather antiquatedly, as ‘fire and general’ cover. This article does not deal with these.

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8 Insurance Buying Mistakes
Financial Wellness
Dom Bish

The top 8 Mistakes …when buying insurance

It’s easy to make mistakes when buying insurance coverage – especially if you’re a bit new to all this – mistakes that can result in the loss of your assets or create an unnecessary burden on your monthly expenses.

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Dominic Bish

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