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Dom's Background


In 2000 I was in a tough spot in Melbourne. Having immigrated from the UK, I was feeling lost and my confidence was low. I was 26, living in a one-bed flat with nothing to my name. At that point I decided that it all had to change, and I thought having a business was a good place to start. The major problem – I knew nothing about business or finance! At best, I had some low-level management leadership skills. That was it.
Over the next year, I joined a sales company, met the woman I was going to marry and discovered a book called Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki which helped me understand basic wealth creation. I decided to learn what I could about this thing called ‘business’ and more importantly, this stuff called ‘finance’.

As a mortgage broker in Melbourne, I helped clients with mortgage repayment insurance and disability insurance. I was taught one thing that stuck in my head – personal insurance is the foundation for personal wealth creation.

If you cannot protect what you currently have, how can you grow for the future?

Life insurance, trauma cover, total and permanent disability insurance (also known as TPD) and even health and medical insurance all serve to protect your income and debt. If you are unable to work due to accident or illness for a long period (even for a few months), that can have severe effects on household cash. If you cannot pay debts, then you can end up in a very tough spot when the bank (and others) come knocking for loan repayments.

Over the following 2 decades I dedicated myself to learning, business, finance and of course, insurance. In 2014, I graduated with an MBA from Massey University focusing on financial risk management. I have worked for a whole range of different companies and met a very wide range of people.

How does this help you?  

I have many years’ experience guiding people through different processes and I have become skilled at making complex ideas easy to understand. We can give you truly independent advice. 

We have a range of providers that we use to get you the best options. This also means that we can get you the best price for your life insurance.
This is how I help you. Let me make things simpler for you. This is what I am doing now, with Bolster Risk Management.

Retirement Savings | Life insurance | Personal wealth advice

Carolyn's Background

highly skilled and experienced

Carolyn has been helping the clients of financial advisers for many years. She is highly skilled and experienced with managing the office, ensuring that applications and claims are processed efficiently. Carolyn is an asset for Bolster Risk Management with her dedication to the business and our clients.

Bolster Risk Management

Ben's Background

MOtivated to build relationships

Ben Fraser is a Financial Advisor who joined The Bolster Risk Management team at the end of 2020 after a successful 16 year career in the FMCG industry.

Ben was motivated to become part of the Personal Insurance sector after he witnessed first-hand the necessity of it, when a huge burden was lifted off a loved one in their time of need through having adequate cover. He was attracted to a role within a firm that shared his values where he could be of service and really help people.

Ben is aspiring to help create a new generation of Financial Advisors, who put people over profit, who listen to their clients, to understand their unique circumstances and provide peace of mind. 

Ben builds long-term relationships with his clients and will be on hand from first meeting right through to making a claim.

His other passions include spending time with family, watching sport, drinking coffee (lots of coffee) and he is a budding amateur Triathlete.

Ben looks forward to hearing from you. 


Bolster Risk Management is a registered financial services provider (FSP 731572). We are registered with a number of the top life & health insurance and Kiwisaver providers in New Zealand and are kept up-to-date by all. As such, we are able to provide current information and comparisons on insurance and investment products and pricing in order to find the best possible fit for our clients, based on their personal circumstances and budgets. We choose to be registered with the providers who offer the best products and have the best track records on making pay outs to clients when they make claims. 

Bolster Risk Management works for you. Using an independent platform (Quotemonster) we have the ability to find you the best cover at the best price specific to your circumstances.

It is important to make life insurance, KiwiSaver, retirement planning and wealth creation easy for people to understand. The driving theme for Bolster Risk Management is to give as much information as possible, as simply as possible, across as many mediums and platforms as possible. You will find us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can listen to Podcasts, watch videos or read articles. 

We believe that understanding money matters. It matters to you, to your family and to those around who depend upon you. 

Our aim is to help you understand more about your personal financial situation. The result, you will get further along your journey to financial security and beyond, if you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial advisers do your research for you. That is the point. If a Registered Financial Adviser can only research one or two companies on your behalf, they probably don’t have your best interests at heart.

We use an independent platform called Quotemonster™ to ensure that we can provide balanced and fair insurance advice every time. Whether you currently have insurance and just want a review, we’ll use the same framework.

If you want to know about KiwiSaver or simple managed funds, we can help with that too. We can provide Class Advice. This simply means we show you how people in similar situations to you (with similar investment risk profiles) might choose a KiwiSaver provider or portfolio allocation.

As Financial Advisers, we get paid a commission from the insurance or KiwiSaver provider. This means that you don’t have to pay directly for our advice. 

The fees we get for KiwiSaver are typically an upfront sum, with a monthly commission paid.

The commission from the insurance companies is typically an upfront sum with a monthly commission paid after the first two years.

We are registered with the Financial Market Authority (FMA), qualified and continually training. It is part of our obligation as insurance brokers to be training and learning throughout each year. For you, this means that we stay current so that our discussions with you are up-to-date and relevent.

List of providers

Service Provider Brief Description Financial Strength Rating
Fidelity Life
New Zealand owned and operated, NZ Super is a strategic investor
(A-, A.M. Best)
Asteron Life
Part of the Suncorp group, one of the largest insurers in Australasia
(A+ Standard & Poor’s)
AIA Life
AIA is the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group
(AA, Standard & Poor’s)
Partners Life
A New Zealand company with Blackstone as a strategic investor
(A-, A.M. Best)
Nib Health
A solid performer in New Zealand’s private medical insurance
(A-, A.M. Best)
Cigna Life Insurance
Cigna New Zealand is part of Cigna Corporation, a Fortune 500 company
(A, A.M. Best)
NZ Funds
NZ Funds is a privately owned wealth management firm founded in 1988.
Simple Wills
A simple approach to getting your personal will sorted

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Retirement Savings | Life insurance | Personal wealth advice
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