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Bolster Risk Management - kiwisaver calculator
Dom Bish

Unlocked KiwiSaver – what is it?

Unlocked KiwiSaver products may use exactly the same funds as KiwiSaver, invested in exactly the same way but are not locked away from you until retirement.

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Bolster Risk Management
Dom Bish


“Pre-Conditioned”? We human beings have a remarkable tendency to put up barriers, to create insurmountable challenges to a situation, and to assemble facts to support

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NZ Independent Iife Insurance
Life Insurance
Dom Bish

CPI – can I hide?!

CPI – “Cost Plus Insurance”? “Can I Pay in Instalments”? You might wonder what some standard economic theory has to do with the cost of

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NZ Life insurance
Health Insurance
Dom Bish

For the Good of Your Health…Insurance!

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there around health insurance – not so much around providers, or even product. More around, with NZ’s world-class FREE public health system, do you really need health insurance at all? If so, how do you get the best of both worlds – making the most of public and covering off private healthcare?

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