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At Bolster Risk Management

We make personal finance easy for you, working within your budget.

Let us use our experience to help you protect against personal risk

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We take the time to get to know you

For us to do the best for you, we need to ask you questions. We won’t interrogate you,during conversation we’ll get the information so that we can go to the next step.

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We research the solution that fits you.

As you can imagine, there are a range of options and solutions available to you. It is our job to find the best one, the one that fits your situation and your budget.

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We don't over insure you

We use the independant quoting platform Quotemonster to ensure that we give you the life and personal insurance that you need.

What is important to you?

Our clients are from all over New Zealand with a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and communities.

If you have debts, a mortgage or rent that needs to be paid, regardless of what happens to you, then you have financial risk.

If you have people who depend on your contribution to their lives, then you have financial risk.

Some will insure to cover their debts.

Some will insure to cover and replace their income.

If you are unsure what applies to you, that is ok. This is where we help, as we have helped many others.

We make it all as easy as possible for you.

Personal insurance is more than life and death. More often, it is what happens when you live.

Before death, there are many health conditions that may cause you and your family financial harm.

We understand that nothing is more important than the emotional, financial and spiritual health of your family, through its many transitions. We are here to help you.

Bolster Risk Management will provide you with the best personal insurance advice possible so that you don’t get overwhelmed by an adverse health crisis.

Take charge of your Financial risks

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Wait, before you go.

We want to hear from you.

It can be difficult for people to give feedback or to make comments on the sites they land on.

This is your opportunity to tell us your concerns with life insurance, risk management and finance.

what is your burning question?