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This is a 7-Day online course that you complete in your own time, in your own space.

Easy to do, we walk you through many different aspects of money.

  1. General Concepts
  2. Basic Money Management for Everyone
  3. Protect Against Risks
  4. Retirement Nest Egg
  5. Build Wealth
  6. Professionals & Advice
  7. Sort Your Dosh..!
  • Be In Control Of Your Money

  • Live A Better, Less Stressful Life

  • Learn How To Sort Your Dosh

  • Feeling Broke Sucks. Take Back Control

  • Get Your Finances Back On Track


What the experts tell us: 

“Money matters! It can define where we live, our lifestyle and the choices we make along life’s journey – today and into the future.” [so says Ryan Bessemer Chief Executive Officer Trustees Executors].

  1. There is a strong relationship between money and wellbeing. Health, wealth and wellbeing are connected and money worries cause great stress for New Zealanders
  2. Younger New Zealanders worry more about money, are more stressed financially, and are least prepared for a loss of income.
  3. There is a lack of understanding of the language of money which is preventing financial resilience and good, sustainable financial decisions.
  4. 70% of New Zealanders are unprepared for retirement.
  5. Despite understanding risk, New Zealanders are poor at using financial services to help manage them.
  6. Kiwisaver is the gamechanger with over threequarters of New Zealanders investing via KiwiSaver. This could be the gateway to helping New Zealanders become more financially aware and resilient.

(Money And You – Financial Service Council, June 2020)

51.3% of respondents say at some point in their life, financial issues have adversely affected their overall wellbeing.

New Zealanders worry about money, with over 60% of
respondents worrying about money on a monthly basis or
more regularly.

If people lost their income tomorrow, 75% would be financially unstable and unable to meet their financial commitments

In 2007 KiwiSaver was launched. Nearly 3 million New Zealanders have KiwiSaver. However, many expect KiwiSaver to be enough and do not realise that KiwiSaver alone, will be insufficient.

The lack of a diverse portfolio indicates that New Zealanders may not be making the most out of their long term-savings or KiwiSaver investments.
Only 45% of people get the full $521 member tax credit each year – that means 165million are not! (The Retirement Commission NZ)

Available on kindle - books written & edited by Dom & Cat BISH

THE aphorism, ” As a Person Thinks in their heart so they are,” not only embraces the whole of a person’s being but is so comprehensive as to reach out to every condition and circumstance of their life.

People are literally what they think, their character being the complete sum of all their thoughts. How you think about money is a big part of all of it.

This book wont teach you how to balance your budget, but it would help you think about it differently.

Who is this book for?
This book will not solve your entire money problem. But it will put you on a path of discovery, whereby you can start looking at money and your behaviours. It will also provide a foundation for you to explore other areas of finance and money matters.
I am writing this book for you. If you are worried about money, your job security, your business venture, paying your bills. Just how will you pay for the kid’s sports activities? This book is for you.

This is the precursor to the 7-Day online course mentioned about

free resources for our clients

There are plenty of resources to help people on their financial journey.

These are just three. Not every book will suit every person.

Find the flavour that suits you and your family situation.

Bolster Risk Management does not receive any affiliate revenue from these authors.

Their purpose is to highlight continual education and interest in the topic of personal finance.

There are many great resources, free and paid, to assist people on their finance & money journey.

Another worth while resource is: www.sorted.org.nz

free video resources for out clients

Short clips to start you thinking

Dominic Bish

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