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A big part of our philosophy is to help you with your financial education. We know in New Zealand that financial literacy is low. This means that many people struggle with money matters. We want to change that.

We provide blogs, articles, podcast and videos to help you learn a little more. We have a book that you can download for free.
People who have confidence in their money management are more likely to feel a sense of ‘financial wellbeing’.

We also have 3 great courses that can be completed online, in the comfort of your own home.

    • Your Money Matters – 7-Day course
    • Sort Your Dosh – 40 minutes with great tools to help you
    • 2-Day mini-course 

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Common Questions we hear

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Stack your cover to your needs

Prioritse your budget Pizza

Stack your insurance

Your circumstance and budget need to meet.


How women manage money
Financial Wellness
Dom Bish

Women and Money

There is no denying that there are clear discriminations when it comes to women and money and I will discuss these. I actively want to encourage women to have agency over their financial affairs. Read on, let’s see how I do.

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How do I protect my business costs & key staff

Business insurance can be confused with commercial cover. The insurance we deal with is all related to death, accident and illness. Business insurance may be suitable under the following type of circumstances:
– If you have shareholders where the death or permanent disability of a shareholder would have material impact on the business.
– The loss of a key person in the business would create a severe loss of income or operational capability.
– Business expenses need protection in case a key person (or owner-operator) is unable to generate income or run the business.

We can also help with ACC Cover Plus Extra. Many self-employed and single-person contractors have problems with ACC and the different policies available. We can make that easy for you.

Group Schemes for employees – good for employee retention, show you care as an employer of choice, ultimately get your staff supported during tough times – potentially getting them back to work sooner.

We also offer onsite workshops for staff to learn about personal money.

How Much is enough to retire on

KiwiSaver is a big part of most people’s retirement savings and their retirement plan.
A third of all people in KiwiSaver are still on the default schemes when they joined. This means, potentially, they are missing out on many thousands of dollars in their retirement. Talk with us about your choices.
Don’t forget to start a KiwiSaver fund for your children too. Give them a head start by building their nest-egg early. Children can have KiwiSaver if they have an IRD number.

How do I get ahead

Building wealth is not just for people with wads of spare cash lying around. It starts with a mindset and a commitment to make a change. Small changes repeated regularly can make a big difference over time.

We have access to managed funds that work the same way as Kiwisaver. The key difference, is that these funds are not ‘locked’ You do not have to wait until you are 65 to get your money. These investment products allow you to invest in the same way you do with KiwiSaver, with often higher rates of return than a bank account, but you can have access to your money when you need it.

You can start a fund for your children too. Give them a head start by building their nest-egg early.

We also have online courses to help you learn about your money.

I need a will

Part of estate planning is to prepare for the time when you are not around. What happens to you and your assets, your estate, once you die?

A Will and Testament is a necessary part of that.

We offer a service to clients that does not have any advice to it. This means that we can provide an ‘off the shelf’ will, that can meet simple needs. However, if you have a family trust or a business, or require further estate planning, this product will not be suitable for you.

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