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Know Your Starting Point

This tool has some of the most detail in all the ones that we provide. This is why you get up close and personal with your spending habits.

This is a very necessary thing to do.

You cannot hope to move forward, even if you have a solid plan, without knowing where you are right now.

Take the time to look at your spending beviours. Are they helping you? Or, are they getting in the way of you having control over your money?

Very few people will actually complete this.

It is too hard, or too boring, or people can’t be bothered.

Not you.

You are here now, attempting to take control over your finances and your life. Keep going!

Get in contact with us.

Let us know how you feel about your current situation.

How women manage money

Women and Money

There is no denying that there are clear discriminations when it comes to women and money and I will discuss these. I actively want to encourage women to have agency over their financial affairs. Read on, let’s see how I do.

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Income Protection

Income Protection Made Easy

I was going to call this article “IP for Dummies”, but figured there might be some trademark issues. It is not something we often think about, but what would you do if you became sick and were unable to work?

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What is inflation?

Inflation, Savings and Life Insurance

We often hear the words ‘rising inflation’ and ‘rising interest rates’ but do we really understand these terms and the impacts they can have on us financially? What is inflation anyway and what does it have to do with the price of fish or the price of tomatoes which has received a lot of media attention lately?

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Retirement Savings | Life insurance | Personal wealth advice

KiwiSaver Confusion

Are you paying into KiwiSaver but are uncertain about how it actually works? We have all heard about KiwiSaver and despite having over 3 million members it would appear that confusion and lack of understanding of how it works is the most common talking point.

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You have just taken one of the first steps in getting control over your money.

Now take that last number,
the ‘net savings’ and plug it into the Regular Savings Explosion tool.
Get your money working for you, instead of you working for it.
Dominic Bish

Wait, before you go.

We want to hear from you.

It can be difficult for people to give feedback or to make comments on the sites they land on.

This is your opportunity to tell us your concerns with life insurance, risk management and finance.

what is your burning question?