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This page shows you Power

… The Power of Compounding interest.

Explode your savings with compound interest. Get your money working for you.

By putting away, or investing a small amount on a regular basis, your savings can explode and grow.

Use the calculator below to find out how.

Have a play with the tool on the left. See what would  happen if you put your daily coffee into a fund returning just 5% over 5 years.

Send us a message on how you got on with this tool.

What did you like?

What annoyed you?

What did you learn?

Many people do not understand that money management and wealth creation is boring.

Yes, I said that. Boring.

Doing small boring things like starting with a small amount, using a good interest rate, left for long enough, and you can see real change in your financial position.

After all, that is all KiwiSaver (or superannuation, or the 401(k)) is. Small regular savings invested wisely to give you a greater return.

Your money working for you.

Check out this book on Amazon. It is an old classic that has been edited by Catherine and Dominic Bish for the modern reader.

How we are is how we think. We can change how we think.

Dominic Bish

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This is your opportunity to tell us your concerns with life insurance, risk management and finance.

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