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There is no point in sorting out your financial situation to then have something come along and knock you around. 
Personal insurance is there to protect you (and your loved ones) from having a financial catastrophe.
Protect your money and your biggest asset, which is your income-earning  ability.
Sort Your Dosh

Your phone, your car, your house – these are not your greatest assets.

If you get knocked sideways from a serious health event, and you cannot earn an income what happens?

How long could you survive? What if you were off work for 6 months, or 12 months. What if it was a couple of years?

What happens to your family then?

Three key personal insurance products to give you financial protection:
Life cover

Life & Death

Life Insurance Death cover. It pays a lump sum benefit. Some insurers will pay on terminal illness (if you are likely to die within 12 months). Typically this will cover your debts and provide for those you leave behind.

Disability risk insurance

Munted forever

Total and Permanent Disability. Never able to work again? This may mean that you cannot work in your current occupation, or you may never work again in any meaningful capacity. It pays you a lump sum benefit.

Income Protection

Down but not out

Income Protection or Mortgage Protection. It replaces part of your income because you become too sick or injured to work (it is monthly paying benefit). This type of benefit maybe offset by other income This can be used to replace a portion of your gross income to help pay rent and other expenses.

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