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Income Protection
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Dom Bish

Income Protection Made Easy

I was going to call this article “IP for Dummies”, but figured there might be some trademark issues. It is not something we often think about, but what would you do if you became sick and were unable to work?

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I'm Looking For Insurance
Disability Cover
Dom Bish

9 Things You Should Know: Mortgage Repayment Cover

Mortgage protection insurance, is in a suite of products that you might hear referred to as income replacement, or disability insurance products. They will pay the benefit to the effected person on a monthly basis, until that person goes back to work, or the benefit period ends.

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Bolster Risk Management
Business Insurance
Dom Bish

Common Insurance Buying Mistakes

Unexpected losses can put the best-laid financial plans in turmoil. Insurance coverage is necessary to protect against unexpected costs, property loss, and disability. There are no universal answers to the question of how much insurance is enough. Situations vary.

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Dominic Bish

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