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A Disability may be temporary or permanent

A Disability may be from an accident or illness

If you are unable to work because of a disability, what happens to your income?

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Who Are YOU?

Do you think that you are too young to be permanently disabled?

Do you think that ACC, Gov’t support or your family will cover your costs if something happens?

Do you believe that you are bullet-proof, that you’ll never need more than a few days off work to recover?


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Questions that you May Have

During our time together we can answer all of your questions, but for now these might help

what is income protection insurance (nz)?

Income Protection is a monthly paying benefit that can pay you up to 75% of your gross income. The cost is broadly determined by three key factors; how much monthly benefit you want, how soon the provider will start paying, and how long they will pay you for.

Is it worth getting income protection insurance?

If you or your household would struggle financially if your income stopped for (example) 12 or 18 months, then yes. There are many other factors and situations to consider too.

What income protection does not cover?

This product is not meant to pay you for a few days off work for a cold. Income protection is meant to cover you for larger financial loss, due to accident or illness.

What is the best income protection insurance?

Every person's situation is different. Each insurance provider has slightly different products. We represent that five largest Life & Disability insurers in New Zealand.

We Compare, Quote and Save because we Quote From 5 Major Insurers

We use the independent comparrison platfrom QUOTEMONSTER. This allows us to understand your needs, then create the risk protection plan that is relevant to you.

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